Irish Outlook

Wax Museum

Anna Gendreau

February 10, 2020

Talk'in about Tolkien During the Wax Museum, put on by Mrs.Durst's English Twelve class, students portrayed famous authors and characters. "It was really fun to get dressed up especially as someone as fun as this," said Nate Pai...

Writers in Wax

Jessica Kramer

February 10, 2020

Have you ever wanted to be a famous person, or more specifically a writer? Well if you are a part of Mrs. Durst's senior English class you are in luck. On Wednesday, February 5, Maple Lake High School held the wax museum whic...

Glitz and Glam

Emma Torblaa

February 10, 2020

Fame, beauty, and money. Celebrities have it all and live the best life. Most people want to be a celebrity or have a favorite one they like to watch or listen to.  With celebrities' charm and good looks, it is easy to develop a ...

Bringing the Stage to Life

Trinity Hughes

January 30, 2020

Every year, the Maple Lake High School one act team puts on a show for their high school classmates and peers. One act performed a show called, “Ridiculosis by Proxy”, which is originally written by B. Dwayne Craft. The Maple L...

All Talk

Jessica Kramer

January 27, 2020

Speech successful since the start of its story When you think of speeches, it might make you nervous but for a certain group of people it’s where they get their happiness. The national Speech and Debate Association was...

Celebrities and Celebrations

Jessica Kramer

November 20, 2019

The People’s Choice Awards of 2019 took place Sunday, November 10, in Santa Monica, California. Some of the biggest celebrities from TV, movies, social media, and music took home trophies.  During the voting period this year over one ...

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