Autumn’s Aspiring Actors

Curtain call for drama class


On November 10-12, Maple Lake’s Drama Department put on a show for all to see, performing the  ‘Game of Tiaras.’  “I have never participated in something as exciting as this,” said junior Freeziana Daorueng. “It was so fun to take part in an experience like that.”

The students performed for three nights, but the drama class practiced every day, for two hours since the start of the school year, to know their parts. “Sometimes it can be kind of frustrating,” said senior Sophia De Leon. “Memorizing and learning your part is a key factor to being a good actor, but it can be very difficult to do.” 

Putting on a performance for many people to see is far from easy. “I love performing for people and giving them a show, but sometimes the stage fright can take over, ”said junior Ericka Hannon. “I try to forget that anyone is there and just try to give them a great performance.”

Now that this production has closed the curtain, some of the students in drama class will take what they have learned and try out for a one act play about the risks of blind dates. Auditions are on December 1, 2022.