Better Late than Never

Taking Time off Tuesday


Makenna Wetch

Every second Tuesday of every month, students have late starts. Two extra hours to spend anyway they want. For some, it means extra sleep, for others it means extra time to grab something to eat or drink. Our last late start of the year was on May 9, 2023. Meaning it was the last late start for the seniors. “I liked sleeping in and also going to get breakfast in the morning with my friends,” said senior Sydney Staloch.

Some may take the extra time to sleep while others will get up early and go get coffee with their friends. “I like late starts, so I can take my time in the morning. When I don’t have an Irish mentors meeting, I’ll go to Caribou with friends and catch up on some homework if I need to,” said junior Adison Gorres.

Having extra time to sleep in the morning can help people who live far away. “I like having late starts, so I have extra time to get ready and get to school from Delano,” said junior Haley Nelsen. 

While teachers attended meetings and also enjoyed a little extra time to get something special to eat, students enjoyed a more relaxed pace, more time with their pillows, or more time with friends one more time before the end of the school year.