Get Back on Track

Soaring into the Season

As the spring season approaches upon the athletes, everyone is excited to be able to get outside and play the sports they love. While waiting to start practicing outside full time, the track and field athletes are cooperating with the other spring sports who are using the indoor gyms.

The first meet was on March 23. Sophomore Avery Lee was very excited to be able to start competing. Lee said, “I am hoping to improve on my times and my form while sprinting.” Lee said her favorite event is the 4 by 100. 

As the season starts to ramp up, their excitement and nerves are starting to kick in. Everyone’s feelings are different when it comes to sports and being under pressure.

Being a thrower, sophomore Molly Wurm had both excitement and nerves for her first meet of the season. Wurm said, “My feelings are mutual and I was nervous because it was my first meet of the season.” Wurm is always excited for the spring season because she likes to spend time with her friends.

Sports are not just about wins and losses, they are about friendships and memories with each other. Track and field has always been a good place to both workout and make good relationships with your teammates.

Being her last year of this sport, senior Harmony Heath has been doing this sport ever since junior high. Heath said, “My favorite thing about track is the environment and how supportive the team is.” Heath loves her team and is sad that this will be her last year running track with them. 

The girls track and field athletes are getting prepared for their first meet. They are excited to make more improvements as the season goes on.