Just Give it a Shot

Basketball Hoops for a Win

Rachel Fobbe

Facing a tough season, the varsity boys’ basketball team continues to look for the positives. “We did improve compared to the first time we played them. The defense did better in the second half to be able to contribute with the outcome of the game,” said senior Carter Scanlon.

 The girls, on the other hand, who also played on Friday, February 10 at the home double header, are experiencing a slightly better season.  “We played really good, our shots just wouldn’t go in like we wanted them to,” said senior Kayla Paumen.

 Building on  a sense of camaraderie, the boys have improved their overall performance. “I thought we played pretty well, we communicated well, shot the ball well, and played defense pretty well,” said senior Marcus Weimer.

 Building team spirit through the double headers is hopefully helping both teams get better. “It was fun having a double header because we were able to support the boys basketball team and watch them and they could do the same for us. I feel it brought more energy to the games. Even though both teams lost, we felt the school spirit because they came to cheer no matter how we played or the outcome,” said senior Sydney Staloch.

With both teams experiencing a loss at the double header, it was gratifying to have both teams there for moral support. Both teams continue to hope for the win.