New Coaches New Approaches

Getting Better Everyday

Even though the boys basketball team has a current record of 0-6, the team has seen some improvement. 

This year they got a new head coach, Bryan Schleif. Schleif helps the boys break all of the plays down and helps them learn them. Senior Marcus Weimer said, “What I like about my new coach is that he cares for us. He makes practice fun to go to and I never dread it. He is helping our program a lot. He is good spirited and a fun coach and is going to lead us into a win this year.” Weimer loves basketball because it has always been a fun sport for him and enjoys spending time with his team.

The boys have had some difficult games these past few seasons, but they are always looking for improvement and to achieve their goals not only personally, but as a team too.

After all of these years, senior Layton Johnston has always stuck out with basketball because it has always been his sport. Johnston said, “My personal achievement is working hard to start every varsity game since my junior year. Our biggest team goal is to enhance new knowledge and learn new goals so that we can keep getting better every day.” 

At the end of the day, this team likes to laugh and have fun. The memories are more important than how many wins and losses they have.These boys have both pros and cons about sports but tend to focus mostly on the positive side. Senior Jacob Weese has been a part of the boys basketball program for years now and loves to spend time with his teammates and coaches. Weese said, “My favorite times spent with my team is when we have double headers with the girls.”

All of the boys are improving on their plays and skills every day, their goal is to keep working hard so that they can keep getting better.