Halloween Helpers

Very Scary Volunteers


Joanna Hall

When you are asked the question, candy or canned goods? Most people would answer with “candy,”but not for the members of For Club. Every Halloween, this group of volunteers goes out and collects canned goods for the many families that do not have food at home. 

“The kids really enjoy participating in this,” said For Club Coordinator Debbie Stang.  “They love to show their kindness and leadership by participating in such activities.”

For Club is a part of the WE organization, which is an international development charity and youth empowerment movement. Mattie Mueller, who is one of the 1 million charity members, went out on Halloween to collect food for these families. “I have been doing this for many years,” said Mueller, “I love uplifting our community and helping people in need.” 

Mueller is not the only one volunteering for our community though. The For Club includes people from each grade, working together to make a difference in and out of school. 

“I love going out and collecting food while my friends trick or treat,” said  sophomore Aleshanee Kramer, “It gives you a sense of empowerment to go out and help others.”

The members of For Club love ending Halloween by giving to other families. They are hoping to collect more and more canned goods and other food products as the years go on.