A Beginning’s End

Fall sports growth leads to future hopes

Tessa Pribyl

The fall sports this year faced some ups and downs with volleyball’s record being 11-14, football’s being 0-9, and cross country sending junior Nick Lind to state. It was a season full of improvements and excitement. 

Volleyball won their first game of playoffs on Friday, October 28, against Spectrum in 3 sets. They ended their 2022 season with a loss against Watertown on Tuesday, November 1. “Our biggest team improvements were working together and running plays and routes more quickly and smoothly,” said sophomore Avery Lee. Lee has been playing this sport since fifth grade. 

On this year’s varsity team there were a variety of ages. But that did not stop them from having fun. Senior Erin Uecker said, “We all had a lot of fun together and stayed supportive which is a great quality to have with a team.” The senior leadership helped build the team morale.

Football ended their season with a tough loss against St. Agnes. By the end of the season, they started to score more and did not give up. These boys have some good memories with each other. Junior Luke Goelz said, “One of my favorite memories of this season was definitely when I had a quarterback scramble for a 60 yard touchdown, which was also the first touchdown of the season for us.” 

This year’s team always had a very good work ethic and definitely put their time on the field. Senior Mario Brown’s best highlight of the season was scoring his first touchdown. As one of the captains of the football team he said, “Being a captain was very honorable having other people look up to me, but at the same time it put a lot of weight on my shoulders.” The team remained positive even with a tough record. 

This year’s cross country team was a younger team than usual. But that does not change the fact about all of the good times they spent running and bonding with each other. “I thought that this season was pretty successful, but next year I hope that we have a bigger team,” said eighth grader Maddie Austin. 

As the section meet came up quickly, junior Nick Lind made it to the state meet. He said, “It feels really good and is a big accomplishment making it to state.” Lind has been running cross country since he was in seventh grade. He enjoys this sport because it gets him in good shape for his upcoming basketball season and he has made lifelong friends out of this sport. 

As the fall sports come to an end, all of these athletes fulfilled their time spent on the court, field, and course. All of this hard work paid off for the athletes giving them a sense of accomplishment.