New Teachers on the Block

A warm welcome

As the new school year starts, Maple Lake High School welcomes new teachers and staff to the building including Mr. Justin Larson, Mr. Andrew Brown, SRO Curtis Hakala and Mrs. Hannah Montgomery. 

“Maple lake has had a very friendly and welcoming environment,” said Mr. Larson. 

This year he will be teaching seventh grade science, along with general science. Mr. Larson loves teaching, “My favorite part is watching kids solve natural problems,” said Mr. Larson. In addition to teaching science, he will also be the head coach of Maple Lake’s cheer team.

Maple Lake also needed a computer teacher, previously teaching social studies and science in the elementary, Mr. Brown was up for the challenge.

 “Getting to see new students that I didn’t have in elementary school,” said Mr. Brown, on what he was most excited for. “Computer is different from history,” he said, “Lessons and skills are constantly changing, history stays the same.”

Along with teachers, school resource officers help schools maintain a safe and secure environment, which is one of the reasons Hakala chose to be a school resource officer.

“I love making sure kids are safe and seeing them succeed,” Hakala said. 

This year Hakala took over for Officer Fox as the new resource officer for both the high school and the elementary. 

Maple Lake extends a warm welcome to the new staff of our school! The students and teachers are looking forward to a great 2022-23 school year!