Last Song


Kassandra Fynboh

Band holds final concert of year

What’s the saddest part of the end of the school year? It’s when you realize the seniors won’t be back next year. As it comes to a close, the band has its third and final concert of the year. 


“The thing I will miss most about band is playing in pep band and having fun with friends,” said senior Aidan Kolehmainen. His favorite song to play was “Earth Dance.” Kolehmainen has been in band for eight years.


However, that is not the case for all seniors this year. Senior Sydney Reardon decided to join band for the second semester this year. “I decided to join band this year because I was previously in band and wanted to try it again. It was difficult in the beginning, but I think I picked it up pretty well,” said Reardon. 


As a tradition, the seniors in band each year get a present for the band director as a way to say thanks. “For the senior gift, we gave Mr. Kusche two pictures of us with him, one serious and one smiling. We also gave him his favorite candy,” said senior Greta Brown. The concert was a final farewell to the seniors from the band program. However, the seniors will play one last song at graduation on June 3.