Wacky Wax Figures


Zimiel Krautbauer

Museum of stories


The students walked past the wax figures in awe of the creations. The books were being brought to life by seniors’ creativity and imagination. They created them so well and stayed in wax form, the students barely recognized their peers. “It started to hurt after sitting in the pose for a long time because we couldn’t move,” said senior Ernesto Brown. Brown and a few other students had the book The Outsiders, which they made come to life. Each student portrayed a different character. 

“Putting it up and taking it down was the easiest part; it was the sitting and waiting until it was over that was hard,” said senior Abby Paumen. Paumen was a part of the novel series Harry Potter. There were posters and props set up around each of the characters to make it seem more realistic to the audience. 

Students from the high school and elementary school were invited to attend the wax museum. “It was expected to have people come in and look at us and walk around and it was hard not to smile if your friends came in and tried to make you laugh,” said senior Riley Haven. Haven was also a part of The Outsiders story dressed up as Sodapop Curtis. Everyone looked like they were a wax figure until they smiled or broke their character. 

The seniors could finally break their poses and come back to reality when the wax museum was over.