Sliding into Softball


JV Softball starts off season strong


As the season started off, the JV softball team began to work together. “We are beginning to play very well together and will continue to grow as a team,” said freshman Danica Hageman. As the season continues, they will get ready to play some big teams.

Despite playing the tough opponent that was Holdingford, the team fought and played hard in the end. “It was a tough loss, but we played very well and played together as a team,” said freshman Tessa Pribyl. In just a short amount of time, the team is preparing to play some strong teams.

As the season is beginning to come to an end in a matter of weeks, the team is continuing to grow together and become the best they can be. “As we continue to grow, we are starting to see changes in our play and our chemistry on the field,” said eighth grader Grace Ronnenberg. The JV team is built on younger players this year, but that doesn’t stop the team from competing to come out on top.