Shooting for the Stars

Trap team aims for success this season… through the rain


With a range of different people, each person on the trap team finds a different joy in what they do. As a hunting fan, eighth grader Dalten Kuperus is on the trap team for the first time this year. The weather this season has been less than ideal for shooting, but team members have been learning to adapt. “When it’s really windy outside, I try to shoot as fast as I can,” Kuperus said. 

Despite the weather, the team has been able to continue their practices as normal, according to junior Sarah Neutz. “We shoot 50 shots at the clay targets,” Neutz said. She has been on the trap team for four years. 

Another four-year trap team veteran is sophomore Dalton Kerkow. “At practice, you get there, get your gun out of its case, put on hearing protection, wait until your name is called, and go shoot,” Kerkow said. One of the things that he said challenged him most was staying relaxed. 

No matter the weather, each member of the trap team can look through the mist into the other side, where their clay targets fly.