Soaring into Season


Zimiel Krautbauer

Softball Remains Undefeated


The crowd went silent as the ball soared through the air. The bat dropped, she sprinted from base to base until home base. The silence broke and the crowd went wild; their first home run of the season. This was the first of several homeruns for the softball team.

The team remains undefeated partly because of the great hitting, but also due to the girls working as one on defense. “The team is very close and that makes it easier to work together and makes it more enjoyable at practices and games,” said junior Kayla Paumen. 

Along with hot bats and great teamwork, the team also enjoys each other’s company. “I love softball and am really enjoying it this year. Practices have been fun with all of my teammates,” said freshman Nora Goelz. 

Sometimes when people are in sports they don’t always like to go to the practices because they’re not fun or there’s nothing to look forward to. “This year I have been actually looking forward to going to practice because my friends are there and there’s nothing that makes me dread going,” said junior Audrey Beffel.

 The team is getting along and it shows in their games. The team’s current record is 8-0.