Love for Lacrosse

Alex Kiebel

One for all

How many players do you need to fill a lacrosse team? Well for Maple Lake, it’s one! Joined with Buffalo, senior Kinlee Knutson plays for Buffalo’s varsity lacrosse team. “It has been fun to start up the season again. I love the game and getting to be with my friends,” said Knutson. Being the only player from Maple Lake, Knutson is proud to be the one to represent the school. 

The season started on April 11 and they played their first game on April 21 against Wayzata. “Wayzata was our first game and it was a little rough, but then we came back to beat Monticello and St. Michael later on,” said Knutson. 

Being 2-3 on the season so far, Knutson said the best part of the season was their win against St. Michael. “The game was very fun! It was a back and forth game and we had a few setbacks but we came out on top in the end,” said Knutson.

With the season just starting up, the team is looking to have a great season. Knutson will put her best foot forward to fill the team and make it their best season yet.