Snowed in during Snocoming


Alex Kiebel

A snow day shortened an already shortened Snocoming week. With no school on Monday and a snow day on Tuesday, the week turned out to be only three days long. Starting on Wednesday, there were dress up days for the week including: sports day, class color day, and spirit day. “I dressed up on Friday which was spirit day. Some of my friends and I dressed up and showed lots of spirit that day,” said freshman Ashley Gaffaney.  

With the theme this year being the Olympics, there were activities during each day for students to participate in that corresponded with the theme. Some of the activities included: dodgeball, olympic trivia, and bobsledding. Students participated to earn points for their grade to win at the end of the week. “I participated in dodgeball. It was really fun and we earned some points for our grade,” said eighth grader Wyatt Breimon.

On the last day of Snocoming, there was a pepfest during the last two hours of the day. Many exciting things happened including: the crowning of Snocoming royalty, battles between the captains from winter sports, and battle of the grades tug-of-war. This year, sophomores ended up winning the battle of the grades, ending with a score of 63 points. “The pepfest was very exciting and I was very glad to be a part of it this year,” said sophomore Maya Carter. The pepfest and Snocoming festivities ended with teachers and students shooting half court shots.