One-Act Earns Second Place at Sub-Sections

Kassandra Fynboh

Season closes at sections


Although being in the spotlight is not for everyone, there are always a select few that are meant to shine. Members of Maple Lake’s One-Act team, stepped onto the stage and earned a chance to shine at the section’s competition. “Out of all our productions, ‘The Girl In The White Pinafore’ is my favorite play so far because the actors were really devoted to their characters which made them better actors and it was the most fun to make and rehearse,” said senior Aidan Kolehmainen.

Talent and interest don’t have to be the only reason to join one-act. Sometimes it’s the people you work with.“I joined one-act because a lot of my friends were in it. I really enjoyed the people that were in it and got to hang around some cool lads,” said sophomore Erika Hannon.

However, one-act is not just for the uprising of young, hopeful actors.“Being student director meant that I was a part of tech.I was behind the scenes.I wasn’t out on stage performing, but I had the experience to help those who needed it,” said senior Samantha Hayes. 

The experiences helped the one-act members because they were able to advance from sub-sections to sections. While they will not advance, the members received positive feedback on their performance.