Moving Feet, Burning Heat

Kayla Paumen

Season starts with tough opponent 


Boys basketball opened up their season with a game against a hard team, Mora. “We played hard and fought with them until the end; they helped us improve,” said junior Jacob Weese. 

They scored 14 points in total, took open shots, and drove multiple times. “After our first game, I feel that playing a tough team helped us become closer as a team, and made us better athletes,” said senior Ernesto Brown. Brown scored six points which included jump-shots, and driving to the hoop. 

Playing one of the most competitive teams, they knew they would have to play tough defense. “Our defense was very solid for it being the first game of the season,” said sophomore Ethan O’Brien. They knew they would have to bring it on defense so they really focused on that and in the process they became a closer team. 

The season started tough, but the team hopes to continue to improve.