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Maya Carter

Girls Basketball Play First Game After Week Break


Maple Lake girls basketball had a stall in their season for a week, skipping three games in one week. For their first game back they played against Howard Lake Waverly.  “It was a little weird having a break in the season, but we had some girls injured and having that break let them heal and now everyone can play their best,” sophomore Mckenna Wetch said.


The team did their annual “Secret Santa” and that has brought the team closer together. They also do team dinners whenever they have a home game. Sophomore Celia Ortiz Sanchis has been in basketball for years, but her first year at Maple Lake coming from Spain. This team is the closest she’s been on in her years, cheering each other on and helping each other. “With basketball being a team sport, it really helps me by watching the other girls and learning from them. When I go back to Spain I want to play again,” said Ortiz Sanchis.


At practices the girls work on defense, different plays and rebounding skills. Being the basketball manager means the practices are a little different. For the girls varsity basketball team, sophomore Kenlyn Marsicek takes the role. “Working on these drills for an extra week helped us a surprising amount. For my practices, I don’t have to go to everyone unless the coach needs help and I organize the locker rooms,” said Marsicek.


The Maple Lake girls basketball team has a 0-4 losing streak, but with the extra week of practice and all the team bonding happening, they have a good chance of winning against Howard Lake Waverly on December 21.