Achieving and Succeeding


Sydney Staloch

Students show honor and leadership


When most people hear the word pillars, they think of construction or building projects, but in honor society it is much more than that. The pillars represent scholarship, leadership, service, character and citizenship. 

Honors society is a program that recognizes students for their hard work in and out of school. It also shows the good things the kids are doing in the community such as volunteer work.“Honors society looks good for getting into colleges, but it’s also much more than that, it helps recognize the hard work and dedication kids are doing,” said junior Anna McClelland. This is what being a part of honors society means to many students. 

Students get chosen not only because of how they do in school, but also because of how they treat others.“I think kids get picked on their academics but also how they go out of their way to help others and the community,” said senior Emma Jude. 

For most kids being picked is an honor and recognizes the good they are doing. “I am very proud to be part of this program; it shows the amount of effort I put into school,” said senior Grace Praska. Honor society has been going on for over 100 years; it is something students strive for and are happy to be a part of.