Headed for a Homecoming Victory

Kylie Edmonson

Irish silence the Thunder for homecoming football game 


Going into the homecoming football game, the team had yet to win. Could the Irish pull off a homecoming victory? The fans were eager to watch the Friday night game.The Irish faced the Long Prairie Grey Eagle Thunder. Scoring all of their points in the first half, the team fought hard and won 19-12 leading the team to a homecoming victory. “It was awesome to finally get a win on homecoming,” said senior Nathan Paumen. Paumen scored a 3-yard touchdown for the Irish that game. 

The Irish defense worked hard to stop the Thunder from scoring. Senior Ernesto Brown intercepted the ball near the end of the game. “Winning was a great way to end our last home game of the season,” said Brown.  Fans gathered the field with excitement for the first win of the season for Irish football. 

For many players this win meant a lot. Sticking together and having this outcome was a great feeling for them overall. “It was really important to us that we would win this game,” said senior Braden Peterson. Winning the homecoming football game was something these players will remember for years to come.