Wishing For A Win


Boston Trent

Football players stay positive, hope to “get this dub”


Is there a sport you wish you would’ve played in high school? For some athletes, they chose football. And sometimes, playing the sport can be more of a challenge than what the athlete anticipated. Maple Lake football players are trying to make the best of it.  “I’m in my tenth year and I still enjoy it,” said junior Mario Brown. Brown is staying positive even though the Irish have not yet won a game this season. 

Brown also said,  “My favorite part of competing is all the trash talking back and forth; it really brings out someone’s personality.” 

For others it is about the tenacity of the sport. Junior Brady Kasper said, “I enjoy this sport because I love the adrenaline, the excitement, and Friday night lights.” 

The team is enjoying the new coaching staff and also the returning members. Braden Peterson said, “I like all of my coaches, but if I had to pick one favorite I would pick Elston.”

Maple Lake is hoping to get a win soon, but either way they try to stay positive through negative times.