Running, Stunning, and Overcoming


Kayla Paumen

Cross country creates competition and cooperation


Bam! The runners take off competing against each other, keeping up with the other runners, hearing fans cheering, racing to the finish line. 

Cross country runners concentrate on support, stamina, and staying in shape. “Getting to hangout with all my friends in cross-country is my favorite part and it also helps you with other sports in the future,” said sophomore Makenna Wetch. 

Sports in high school help make memories with teammates. “Silly stringing people at conference meets and locking people in porta potties in Eden-Valley,” said senior Emily Weese about her most memorable moment. 

Teammates cheer runners on, motivate each other, and push one another. “All the people are fun and very supportive in practice and in meets,” said sophomore Kelsi Jude. 

The rush of competition before a meet, the loud crowd cheering as runners go by, the feeling after the race is unbeatable, and is what these girls live for. Cross country is a physical as well as a mental sport that teaches athletes to push through when their bodies don’t want to, teaches them teamwork, and how to support one another.