Post Prom

Alison Zander

Light as a Feather…

Her hands rising in the air, Junior Josie Niemiec drops deeper into a trance. “I didn’t really feel anything when I was being hypnotized,” said Niemiec. “It was a very weird experience because one minute I was wide awake and aware of all my surroundings, then the next minute I was out like a light.” Niemiec and her classmates were part of a hypnotic show during the post prom party. 

Smile Wide

Waiting for their picture to be done, Seniors Molly Erickson and Jack Peterson smile wide. “Doing the caricature was awkward to just sit there,” said Molly. “But it made us laugh to look at it afterwards.” Erickson and Peterson had a great night after the dance, they played the games and won many prizes.