Alison Zander

She Can STEM

Setting up to run their robot, Junior Greta Brown and Senior Megan Lawler finish up their final coding procedures. “It’s a great opportunity for those interested in STEM or business. You can help manage our team, or build and code a robot,” said Lawler. “Our competition in Duluth comes with opportunities to meet with professionals in STEM fields to answer any questions about your future.” The Robotics team has made huge advancements since its creation in 2018, as they are now competing against teams across the state.

Mr. Roboto

Examining the run through, Senior Kade Jacobs makes notes on the team’s robot. “The coolest part of the robot this year is our design. Our goal was to find a way to pick up softballs quickly, then we’ll move onto the next step of throwing.” With no in-person competitions this year, the robotics team took a different angle and are making two robots, one to attack and one to defend. They will face off one another at the end of the year.

Crazy about Coding

Finishing up the final codes, Junior Greta Brown and Sophomore Gracie Fritz fix the final errors. “My favorite part of robotics is how we work together as a team to solve a problem. We’re all in the confusion together, so when we figure something out it’s really rewarding,” said Brown. The robotics team helps each other with coding, building, and research to perfect their robot.