Snocoming College Logo Day

Ella Kiebel

Loco for Logos 

The future is closer than it seems. On Wednesday, February 17, students at Maple Lake wore college logos for the Snocoming dress up day. “I wore a Gustavus sweatshirt because I would love to go to that college,” said Junior Eva McClelland. Eva plans on majoring in religion and biology with a minor in sociology. “I just wore a Minnesota sweatshirt because it is comfortable,” said Junior Jordyn Demarais. Both girls think that college logo day was a success.

Push Your Luck

Trying to stay balanced on her scooter, Seventh-Grader Ellie Hanson participates in her first ever Snocoming week. “It was really fun but kind of scary because I didn’t want to fall off and get hurt,” said Hanson, “I am glad I participated in human curling because it was super fun to work with my friends.” The seventh grade class didn’t win the event but participated throughout the week of Snocoming activities.

Easy As 1, 2, 3

Winning comes easy when you work as a team. Senior Charlie Berndt helps his team of three win the Snocoming activity of human curling. “I really wanted to win Snocoming this year because it is my last year,” said Berndt, “It was a good way to play a fun activity and get my mind off of school.” With Charlie’s help, the senior class won the activity of human curling.


Golfing is a popular outdoor sport, even in the snow. Senior Luke Raymond participated in the winter golf Snocoming activity. “It was really cold but super fun once you got the hang of it,” said Raymound, “I swung and missed a couple of times.” Raymond wishes that winter golfing could be an actual sport. The seniors took third in the winter golf activity.