Snocoming Jersey Day

Kenyon Kingsbury

Festive Fashion 

Along with the Battle of the Grades competition, students enjoy dressing up for the festive days, one including jersey day. Sophomores Marcus Weimer, Gwen Geyen, and Kayla Paumen all showed off their best jerseys. “I really like the dress up days because it is super fun to dress up and see what everyone else is wearing,” said Paumen. Every year gets more and more interesting with new and more creative festive dress up day ideas. 

Knack for Hacky Sack

This year may not have been our ideal Snocoming but Junior Hope Jude said, “Even though it wasn’t normal I am still glad it happened rather than not at all.” New to this year’s Battle of the Grades competition was hacky sack. “I chose to do hacky sack because I have never tried it before and my friends told me they were trying it as well,” said Hope. Hope mentions that, “even though most of the kids playing, like me, had never played before we all still laughed and had a ton of fun!”.

Preparing for Battle 

Allowing students to miss CNN10 and get active, participants of the Battle of the Grades competed in a favorite, dodgeball. Seniors Riley Hagen and Connor Stroud prepare for their last Snocoming dodgeball game. “I loved Snocoming throughout my high school career, getting to come together with my classmates and have a good time are memories I will never forget,” said Stroud. Not only did the seniors take this year’s game of dodgeball, they also have gone undefeated in tug of war since the seventh grade.

Boss at Toss

Kicking off one of the first competitions this year, students teamed up for bean bags. Junior Abby Gagnon teamed up with Junior Emma Torblaa to represent their grade level. “Emma and I decided to join bean bags because we play a lot during the summer and we always dominate,” said Gagnon. Abby’s favorite part about Snocoming is the Battle of the Grades competition. “It gives us a chance to work together and try to beat the other grades and is always competitive and fun,” said Gagnon.