Snocoming Neon Day

Alison Zander

I’ll Take Trivia for 1000 

Staying focused on Senior announcer Lexi Hansen, Junior Calli Hadler thinks of the correct answer. “I signed up for trivia because I love watching Jeopardy and learning new fun facts,” said Hadler. The juniors placed fifth in the game show activity.


In a United State

Posing with her junior classmates Nathan Rasset and Olivia Latour, Junior Jordyn Demarais proudly shows her neon. “The best part of Snocoming was that it was the first unity we have seen with the whole school, somewhat, since Covid,” said Demarais. “We finally were all together, whether playing games or watching coronation, it was a reminder of simpler, more unified times.” Demarais and her classmates participated on all of the dress up days to show support of Snocoming.


Hot Hand

Getting ready to play Hot Shot, Seniors Brayden Belanger, Ryley Hagen, and Kaitlyn Main practice their free throws. “The best thing about Snocoming was being able to do battle of the grades,” said Main. “The best part about basketball is when you are on a scoring run. It feels like you can’t be stopped.” The seniors lost to the sophomores in the finals, to secure second place.


Flick of the Wrist

Holding her follow through, Seventh grader Grace Ronnenberg swishes another basket for her team. “My favorite part of Snocoming was being able to play against the rest of the grades,” said Ronnenberg. Her team took fifth place, after beating the eighth graders.