Girls Basketball

Ella Kiebel

Leaping Lind

Driving to the basket, Senior Megan Lind scores for the girls basketball team. “My bond with my teammates is my favorite part about basketball,” said Lind, “I enjoy pregame talks, bus rides, and having each other’s backs on the court.” Lind thinks the season is going well and the team is making good progress. 

Althoff Attacks the Rim

Maple Lake Girls’ basketball team attains success.. “I get super excited when we execute a play and score,” said Senior Abby Althoff. Althoff thinks that winning is better when they play together. The team is currently 3-4 on the season.

Dribble and Drive

On or off the court, the girls basketball team sticks together. Junior Emily Weese loves the bond that the team has this year. “I know my teammates have my back and I have theirs,” said Weese, “Before games, we all hangout together, go to Target, and eat food.” The way the team sticks together results in success for the team.