Boys Basketball

Alison Zander

Leading the Charge

Looking to his teammate, Senior Joe Fynboh crosses over his defender. “As a part of the seniors, we are really focused on helping the younger guys on plays and sharing our basketball knowledge,” said Fynboh. His teammates and he continuing to work hard, winning the last three of their four games.

Tres for Days

Putting up a shot from the corner, Senior Ryley Hagen adds another three points on the night. “The best part of the season so far has been the bond between everyone on the team,” said Hagen. The team always has each other’s backs in play and out. Hagen had led the team thus far in three-point makes, with 11 on the season.

21 Getting it Done

Taking a quick layup, Senior Brayden Belanger adds another two points for his team. “Our coaches are pushing us to work harder on driving to the basket and getting open,” said Belanger. He has worked hard on put backs and has over 30 offensive rebounds, along with 78 points on the season.