‘Tis the Season

Ella Kiebel

Families find fun festive favorites

As families wrap up the year, they also wrap up presents. Out of all of the gifts received during the holidays, there is usually an all time favorite. “My favorite Christmas gift is either my Vera Bradley travel set or getting to completely redo my room,” said Junior Taylor Hess.

While some students have one personal favorite gift, others have one annual gift. “My sister and I got matching snow globes one year and now it’s sort of a tradition,” said Junior Claire Carlson.

Sometimes a vacation is more important to a student. Junior Kinlee Knutson would rather go on a vacation than receive any presents. “My parents asked us if we would rather get presents or go on a trip and we chose to go to Sanibel. We are very excited to go!” said Kinlee.

Families wrap up the year with a chance to create a new all time favorite present.