Favorite Festive Foods

Elizabeth Hannon

Dishes That Make Students Merry And Bright

During the holidays, friends and family come together, creating many delicious foods to share and everybody always has their personal favorite. “My mom usually makes caramel rolls during the holidays,” said Junior Nathan Rassat. “It is a tradition we do every year and I like them very much.”

Or some prefer savory dishes over the sweet dishes. “I love stuffing! I normally don’t make it but I have before; it tastes amazing,” said Senior Alexis Helmbrecht. Stuffing has its special ability to warm the tummy and the soul.

And overall, nobody can forget the potatoes. “My favorite food over the holidays are twice baked potatoes,” said Ninth Grader Abigail Torblaa, who makes them by filling a hollowed-out potato with baked potato, sour cream, milk, shredded cheese, bacon bits and some butter. “I like how it tastes when it is put all together.”

Family, friends, and many delicious holiday dishes are the perfect ingredients to blend together for holiday spirit.