Family Time Traditions

Alison Zander

Happening Holiday Habits 

Trees decorated, stockings hung, but it doesn’t feel like Christmas without each other. In this separated time, maintaining holiday traditions remains one of the best ways to bring people together. For Senior Kade Jacobs, “Shooting fireworks on Christmas night,” has been his family’s annual tradition for the past three years. It had started after they found their unopened Fourth of July fireworks and decided to test if they still worked. Together, his family and his neighbors, celebrate the festivity with their dazzling display across the sky.

For most people listening to records may seem outdated, but for seventh-grader Miley Oravetz and her family, it is a perfect way to capture the spirit of Christmas. It’s not about the new things, it’s about who we’re with, “The records are really old, but I think it’s cool,” said Oravetz. She doesn’t know when or how the tradition began, just that it brings her family joy, something we could all use a little extra of right now. 

The best way for Freshman Alan Haglin to spread some joy is to bring in the New Year with his friends. “Roman Thompson, Luke Goelz, and I hang out every New Year’s Eve,” said Haglin. Ending 2020 with people you love is the best way to finish this year on a high note.

Whether you’re apart or together, keeping traditions alive is the greatest way to uplift spirits. If it’s hanging with friends, shooting fireworks, or even blasting music off old records, stay safe and send virtual hugs to everyone you know.