Irish Outlook

Tons of Turkey

Olivia LaTour

December 10, 2019

Time to gobble til you wobble Turkey, gravy, potatoes, pie- this Thanksgiving was filled with food. The journalism class shared their favorite turkey day foods. Sophomore Bryn Elsenpeter’s favorite dish on the table is gre...

Surviving Senior Year

Natalie Neumann

November 26, 2019

Most seniors at Maple Lake High School are surviving the senior year by taking easy classes. Senior Noah Spike said“I am taking easy classes so I don’t have to worry about much besides making memories with my friends.”  ...

What’s Hot

Brooklyn Ernhart

October 15, 2019

The “tok” around town  Cheetah print, Air Force ones, mom jeans. A few things that are back in style. “Retro  80’s and 90’s are coming back,” said Senior Katie Goelz.  Not only the 80's and 90’s are in, Tik tok...

Spooky Season

Aiden Staloch

October 15, 2019

A Break in the Action   Homework, tests, and pop quizzes! Teachers have been trying to pull out all the tricks on Maple Lake students so far this year. Now with Halloween around the corner, students share what makes ...

Living gorgeous in fall

Nathan Paumen

October 15, 2019

We rake, we pile, we jump… we jump Do you ever just want to have a break from school? For some students fall break is the perfect time to get away. “I'm going to see my family in Wisconsin,” said v Sophomore Kinlee Knut...

Don’t Rain On My Parade

Anna Gendreau

October 15, 2019

  A Smash of a Homecoming Week Even with rain and cold temperatures Homecoming still week kicked off with powderpuff football outside and followed with a game of he-man volleyball in the gym. The junior girls took the w...

Life Changing License

Emma Torblaa

October 15, 2019

          Warning- New Drivers On Roads Climbing into the car, checking the mirrors, putting the seat belt on, and putting the car into drive, students begin their drivers’ test hoping to pass. When they pass, tent...

Late Start

Anna Gendreau

October 1, 2019

Breakfast Cart Brings the good eats Running late, hungry, can’t focus in class, does this sound like you? These are all reasons why cook Jolene Halek decided to start the breakfast cart. Kids always had the option to get foo...

Starting from Scratch

Bryn Elsenpeter

October 1, 2019

New school year brings new beginnings   Although many high school students hate getting up early to go to school, they enjoy seeing their friends and participating in school activities.  Senior Megan Carlson said...

 Home Away From Home

Brooklyn Ernhart

October 1, 2019

Three foreign exchange students make Maple Lake their home.  Traveling to go to a new country would be hard for anyone but our new foreign exchange students seem to be adjusting well. Junior foreign exchange student Artyom has j...

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