Practice Makes Perfect

Jessica Kramer

Varsity volleyball receives another win

      The Irish score another point, turning the score to 25-9 and winning the match 3-0 against Foley, on Monday night. This hasn’t been the only win of the season. According to Junior Lexy Bakeberg, “We all enjoy working together and as a result we have only lost one regular season game.”

      With that being said, there has been some challenges as well. Junior Megan Lind said, “Some challenges we have faced is our really tough schedule and adapting to our school schedule in the fall.”

      Another difficulty they face according to Senior Katie Goelz is, “Coming off a big win and remembering to stay focused and work harder the next day in practice.”

      Even though they have won almost every game, they have to work hard to defeat certain opponents. Difficult opponents listed consisted of BBE, Maple Grove, and Sauk Center. 

      When it comes to beating them, Bakeberg said, “You really just have to focus as a team and work together, and if you do that then you are sure to win!” 

      Besides the fact that they struggle sometimes, they have lots of fun moments and memories on the court. “My favorite moment was when Katie Goelz and Ella both got pancakes in the same set,” said Lind. 

      The fun moments didn’t just happen during the game, but also after. “My favorite moment during Monday’s game was right after it ended. The team ran into the locker room with tons of energy and enthusiasm to celebrate the big win,” said Goelz. 

      The main goal for the team this year according to Goelz is, “To make it to the state tournament. I would love for the entire team to get that experience.”

      No matter if they win or lose, it’s an exciting and wild journey for all.