Irish Outlook

The Ice Princesses

Nathan Paumen

December 10, 2019

Girls hockey hit the ice With fall sports season wrapping up, girls hockey players anticipate a successful season.  New seasons bring excitement and thrill to the team. “I'm looking forward to playing in the Lake conf...

The Lightning Strike

Natalie Neumann

December 10, 2019

Wrestlers take the mat at their first meet The Firefighter, cradle, and bearhug. These sound like children's book right? Wrong. These are a few wrestling moves the ANML team practices. The Lightning have many returning wr...


Trinity Hughes

October 31, 2019

Spiking Lives On Spiking the volleyball senior, Megan Carlson, hits the ball against their opponent. Megan Carlson, who is number nine on the volleyball team, said "volleyball has made me a better person and has allowed me to make new ...


Bryn Elsenpeter

October 24, 2019

Success and Nothing Less As he runs the ball, Senior Anthony DeMars dodges a HLWW Laker. DeMars said "When I run the ball, I focus mainly on getting to the next first down and studying other players to make a path for myself." The Ir...

Cross Country

Olivia LaTour

October 21, 2019

May the Course be with you During Kimball's Tuesday meet sophomore Joseph Rieber and Senior Linus Brown persevere through the ups and downs. "I think running a harder course makes you better because then when you run an ea...

One Hill of a Sport 

Brooke Mergen

October 21, 2019

      Cross country runners conquer Kimball meet   While some athletes workout in a gym, cross country takes on deep woods, road races, flat courses, and many hills. The runners continue to push through the difficu...

Practice Makes Perfect

Jessica Kramer

October 15, 2019

Varsity volleyball receives another win       The Irish score another point, turning the score to 25-9 and winning the match 3-0 against Foley, on Monday night. This hasn’t been the only win of the season. According to Jun...

Can’t Hide Our Irish Pride

Kate LaTour

October 15, 2019

Football team celebrates Homecoming win Freezing temperatures, cheering fans, a packed stadium, winning kicks, and Irish spirit, the boys football team experienced all of these at last Friday’s Homecoming football game against the...

Eye on the prize

Jessica Kramer

October 15, 2019

Even though it's raining, that doesn't stop Eighth grader Kingsley Okoro from staying focused. During the game at Maple Lake against Mayer Lutheran, Okoro and the team worked hard to defend the ball. The work definitely p...

Rain Rain Go Away

Jessica Kramer

October 15, 2019

The Junior High football game hosted at Maple Lake has a slippery setting. Numbers 33 Cole Lafave and 15 Shay McCory got involved as a tackle was made by the opposing team Mayer Lutheran. The rain didn't seem to phase the...

Quick snap to quarterback

Brooklyn Ernhart

October 14, 2019

During the JV football game against Holdingford, number 11 Freshman Carter Scanlon gets low and ready for number 65 Freshman Derik Rose to snap the ball off to him. "When Derik snaped the ball off to me, the only thing that ...

Get low when the whistle blows

Brooklyn Ernhart

October 14, 2019

During the game against Holdingford, number 73 Justin Demarais tackles the Holdingford player. He protected Jacob Weese for a run up the middle for an Irish first down. "I feel accomplished after a good tackle," said Demarai...

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