Hit with Grit


Madilynn Norgren

Showing up with intensity 


   As the season started off, JV baseball began showing their grit. The team worked hard in practice and it really started to show in games. At home, the Irish battled Kimball in a very long lasting game, after seven innings the Irish came out with a win by one, with a final score of 18-17. “It was a really fun and very intense game, we didn’t want to lose that game,” said eighth grader Wyatt Breimon. As the score went back and forth, the game lasted three hours. 

    “The team is working very hard this season. The Kimball game really showed us if we work hard enough we can really come out on top,” said freshman Ben Torblaa. The JV team this year is made up of a lot of younger athletes. They really need to show their strength as they battle kids in tenth and eleventh grade. 

   “I’m very excited for this season to continue on and watch the team grow together,” said eighth grader Ethan Paumen. As the season goes on, the team will continue to show their grit and grow together. After this season, the team will continue to advance in the Irish baseball program.