Fighting Lightning

Kylie Edmonson

ANML Lighting wrestling team wins all three matches at home

On Tuesday December 21, 2021, the ANML Lightning wrestling team hosted their first home meet of the season. Their opponents included Mora, Elk River and Buffalo. The Lightning beat all three teams which included teams that were ranked higher than them. Junior Mitchel Koss wrestled an opponent from Elk River and went in triple overtime in his match. “By the third overtime  all I was thinking about is all the conditioning in the wrestling room I’ve done and really just trusting coaches were giving the right advice and overall trusting the process,” Koss said.He ended up winning his match in the third overtime.

Near the end of the meet, ANML was up by 6 points when it came down to their last wrestler who was expected to get pinned with one point being taken away for a coaching argument. The wrestler, James Maveson, had to win this match to bring home a win. “I’m out for an injury right now so I had to be a hype man for this meet. I was doing everything I could to get him ready to win this match,” said junior Boston Trent. Defying all odds the heavyweight wrestler won his match making the team and the crowd go crazy. ANML won against Mora who was ranked higher than them, setting a great tone for the season.