Fall Play with Fallen Tears


Ivan Laiz

Touching Commemoration of Veterans of War


Veterans day has come this year with a fabulous fall play to help with remembering those that have served and the effects on servicemembers’ lives. A Piece of My Heart was performed by the drama class November, 11,12, and 13. The play portrayed the experiences of six women before, during, and after their involvement in the Vietnam War. “There’s four nurses, one intelligence officer and a singer,” said senior Cadence Pipenhagen.

And according to senior Hope Jude, the characters are selected to fit the people that play them. 

For instance some of the characters have a relaxed vibe. “My character fits me. At the beginning, I can be chill,” said senior Emily Lewis.

At the curtains close, this story brings very strong emotions, with a harsh reality that the audience and characters feel, bringing many to shed tears for the veterans.