Know the Facts


Kelsi Jude

Students show their smarts


Have you ever heard of knowledge bowl? Well, Maple Lake has a knowledge bowl team. The students in the high school grades seven through nine compete on the team. Knowledge bowl is like a sport, but participants show off their smarts instead of showing their physical abilities. 

“Knowledge bowl can be really hard sometimes, but I like being challenged,” said seventh grader Abby Gindele. Gindele has been on a team that has placed in the top five multiple times. 

Knowledge bowl meets take place after school just like other events. The team travels to other schools and then competes against groups from other schools. The scores are determined by how many correct answers a team gets in each different round. The team with the highest score is the winner. 

“It really seems like all the kids in knowledge bowl enjoy it and have a lot of fun together,” said coach Eric Meyer. 

Many of the kids in knowledge bowl are in an advanced math class for their grade level. Kids get chosen to be in knowledge bowl not only because of their smarts, but also because of the effort they put into their schoolwork. 

“The best part of being in knowledge bowl is getting to spend time with my friends and still learning and competing,” said Gindile. 

Overall, knowledge bowl can be a fun activity for kids who want to learn even more than just in school. The knowledge bowl team has competed at many meets already and still has some more to go. Each meet, they hope to score better than the last meet, and they hope to keep getting smarter.