Paynesville’s hills never cause pain

Ivan Laiz

Cross country runners attack hilly course at conference meet


Tuesday October 19, the Irish had a cross country race with five other high schools at Paynesville. The meet took place at Koronis HIlls Golf Club and as the name implies, the course is quite hilly.


The runners competed in the conference meet. Noah Gindele, a junior, got the 13 place in this race, with a time of 19:01. As the Irish had already run this year at Paynesville and he had practiced a lot his ability to run, he was pleased with the outcome. “It was probably the best I could have done,” said Gindele. 


Meanwhile, senior Nathan Rasset took sixth for Maple Lake and finished with a time of 22:47. “I could have probably done better,” he said afterwards.


Senior Elijah Elsenpeter, the seventh place finisher for the team on this race, thinks that he could have put a little more effort to get sixth place, although nothing more, as he said that, “I was running with varsity, so everyone was a little faster than I was.”


So, in conclusion, the runners were not uncomfortable with the terrain; they knew they had to battle the hills to get to the finish line and finish strong.