Grand March

Kenyon Kingsbury

Suns out guns out

Quarantine after quarantine, unable to be in groups with friends, students very much looked forward to prom. “I remember when we were first hearing about having a prom, I was so excited to get dressed up and be with my friends,” said Senior Gabbie Hoffman. Gabbie also mentioned that being able to bring guests from other schools was also a big part of her excitement. 

Hey Dude, it’s Prom

Excitement all throughout the school occurred when prom was officially a plan for 2021. “After last year’s prom was canceled we were all ten times more excited for this year’s prom,” said Junior Josie Neimiec. Adding to the excitement, students planned how to make their outfits unique. “When we decided to wear dudes I was so excited,” said Junior Mason Mills. After a long day and night filled with memories students are very thankful they got to experience prom in 2021.