Junior High Girls Basketball

Ella Kiebel

Sharp Shooter

Dribble! Shoot! Score! Eighth-Grader Alex Kiebel helps her team by scoring a jumper. “I like basketball because I get to be with my friends and make good plays,” said Kiebel. “My favorite memory was beating a team that we lost to before.” Kiebel thinks the season is going well and everyone works hard all the time.

In the Paint

Running the court, Eighth- Grader Ella Peterson looks to score. “Being a point-guard can be tough sometimes because I have to dribble the ball up and start the play,” said Peterson. Peterson loves to score and get excited for teammates when they do well.

Off the Rebound

The bank is open! Eighth-Grader Sydney Breimon scores two points after getting an offensive rebound. “I think our team is doing really well by working as a team and not just as individuals,” said Breimone. “The best part is learning new things.” Basketball is teaching Breimon to work hard and be motivated.