It’s Showtime Folks!

Kenyon Kingsbury

The Show Must Go On

     Students participating in the one act play went through hoops, but finally got to perform and show all their hard work off on stage. At first they started off with Google meets. “The Google meets made it hard to feed off of each other’s energy,” said Junior Cadence Pipenhagen. “We were all very excited to be able to be on stage together despite having to wear masks,” Pipenhagen said.  Members also said that while the season was pretty different from past years, it was still a fun play and environment to be a part of.

Strike a Pose 

       Getting to perform included working around restrictions and the one act crew did just that. “We changed up our blocking, which is the movements around the stage, and most importantly wore our masks,” said Junior Emily Lewis. However even with the changes it turned out well. “This was one of the best seasons of one act because everyone was just so excited we got the opportunity to act out this play with friends!”                                                               

In the Spotlight

     The crew of one act had to step it up a notch this season. With wearing masks when closer than six feet, cast members learned how to convey more emotions through their eyes. “My favorite thing of this season was just our overall perseverance, passion, and success despite the setbacks,” said Junior Calli Hadler. Although the season was successful Hadler mentions that, “Everyone is excited for a possible normal season next year!”.