Elizabeth Hannon

Students Still Celebrate Homecoming Despite Spreading Pandemic 

Homecoming, a week that usually creates excitement and anticipation for students and staff, looked different this year due to the unfortunate COVID-19 restrictions.  Maple Lake High School had to plan their homecoming to meet the safety regulations. “When we were first hit with the challenge of homecoming, it was hard coming up with things we could do,” said Freshman Kass Fynboh. “We couldn’t hold pep-fest or smash the car.”

Monday, November 16 was pajama day for all students, in person and online. Coronation was held at 9:00 AM, and was shown as a live stream so that students and family members did not have to worry about social distancing while viewing the crowing of the Homecoming King (Senior Logan Carlson) and Queen (Senior Mary Miller). 

Tuesday was spirit day, where students and staff were encouraged to dress in their green, black and white apparel. 

After school, a chalk event was held so that students may write encouraging messages to the football players. That night, the Irish football team took home a 14-6 win against Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted (HLWW). “We’re lucky that our defense was so good, they kind of carried the team, but over all this game was an amazing experience,” said Junior and Defense Tackle Braden Peterson. 

Both Wednesday and Thursday were class color days, due to the hybrid learning split. The seniors dressed in black, the juniors in orange and blue, the sophomores in white, freshman in purple, eighth grade in pink, and seventh graders in red. “We did not have school on Friday, so that was a nice way to end our busy week.”  said Junior Emma Jost, who dressed in her blue apparel.

 Though the Coronavirus has affected most of our daily lives, Maple Lake High School students worked around the unfortunate downfalls of 2020.. “Our focus was to try and make it as close to normal as we could while staying within regulations,” said Fynboh.