Helping Health and Teaching Toughness

Kenyon Kingsbury

 Maple Lake added passion to their people!

New Teacher! This year Maple Lake High School has a new health teacher Ms. Jenny Puncochar. “I became a teacher because I was inspired by Mr. H. (Mr. Mike Hojnacke) and I love kids,” said Ms. Puncochar..

Ms. Puncochar loves kids, but kids that don’t try or put effort into their work frustrates her the most in her classroom. Another frustration Ms. Puncochar sometimes has in the classroom is kids disrespecting her and their classmates. However, she loves, “the relationships that I have made and will get to make with students,” said Ms. Puncochar. 

  She considers one her strengths to be connecting with her students. “I try my best to put myself in their shoes, and be a teacher that they can always talk to!”.

Ms. Punchochar prepares everyday with lots of coffee and self talk! And also planning safe activities during COVID.

Ms. Punchochar, the new health teacher at Maple Lake High School is striving to help students not only learn, but get through everyday life.