Set Back Season

Ella Kiebel

Junior high students prepare for a hopeful season

After a slight delay, Maple Lake girls and boys junior high sports have started to prepare for a chance of a season. “I am excited to have a season if we have one,” said Seventh-grade Volleyball Player Ellie Hanson. 

After practicing with the high schoolers for several weeks, they have set personal goals. “My goal is to get my jump serve down,” said Ellie.

“The start date and length of the season is still up in the air at this point,” said Varsity Head Coach Marty Kiebel. The program is hopeful for a junior high season.

The boy’s sports season looks a little different this year. Not enough participants signed up for football, so teachers and coaches Adam Ronnenberg, Andrew Brown, and Steve Kosloski are running an eight-week program called S.A.T. (Speed and Agility Training). 

“We wanted the boys to be able to stay active after school and hopefully make them better athletes,” said Brown. S.A.T. consists of three stations including a foot, core, strength station, and about 25 boys. Brown thinks that the kids are enjoying it and working hard.

Despite the delay, junior high students found a way to stay active and make the best of their season.