The Start of Something New

Elizabeth Hannon

Clean Slate for Maple Lake During Covid Outbreak 

Beginning a new school year always has its ups and downs, but this year, students and staff of Maple Lake High School face the new challenge of the pandemic. “The first day of school was frustrating,” said English Teacher and Track Coach Mr. Ben Youngs. “I was trying technology I had never used before.”

Both the students and the staff members agreed with this statement. Whether it was trying to figure out a schedule to managing a conversation with someone online, everyone went head on with some sort of problem within the first week. “We are asked to plan lessons, grade, and make connections with students in person as well as online, and it’s nearly impossible,” said Math Teacher and Basketball Coach Mr. Casey Pack.

According to the New York Times, as of October 7, 2020, over 1,860 cases of COVID-19 have been diagnosed in Wright County, resulting in a total of eight deaths. “I think the easy answer would be to have everyone in person,” added Pack. “but until the virus is under control, that won’t happen.”

The Irish are doing their very best to keep their attendees clean and healthy in hope of the safe return of all students. Since this is only the beginning of the school year, fingers are kept crossed for what the future may bring.