Suiting Up for Snocoming

Aiden Staloch

Students Light up the Week

Maple Lake students spent an exciting Snocoming week: playing games, catching up on winter sports teams, and getting ready for a fun pepfest and dance. One of the highlights was the dress up days throughout the week. Students showed their school spirit and wardrobe diversity in a variety of very different and fun days.


Tuesday was Hawaiian Day. People were dressed up in their dad’s vacation T- shirts and leis. Senior Caleb Hagen wore swim trunks, a fedora, and a flamingo button up for this day. He enjoyed the opportunity to be able to express himself through Tuesday’s outfit and said, “I dressed like this for the simple reason of it being extremely attractive as well as scandalous.” Hagen enjoyed the day and said, “It was fun because I got to strut my stuff in a sexy outfit and get teased by the thought of summer on its way.” His inspiration for this outfit was Teen Beach Movie as well as Danny Devito. 


Wednesday was Prep vs. Country Day. People were at opposite ends of dress styles from boot and flannels to dress shirts, khakis, and backwards hats. Junior Megan Lind had fun dressing up as a frat boy, wearing a backwards cap, button up, and shorts. “It was such a fun day because I thought everyone’s outfits were funny,” said Lind. Lind said seeing how her college cousins dress inspired her outfit. 


Thursday was College Logo Day. People dressed up in their favorite college gear to support their favorite schools. Senior Katie Goelz said, “This day is extra fun when you are a senior because you are getting prepared and excited about college.” Goelz was repping St. Thomas with a shirt, backpack, and water bottle. Goelz is still undecided on where she will go but said it is between St. Thomas and Grand Canyon University.


Friday capped off the week with Neon Day. People wore colors from orange to green to yellow. Freshman Sydney Staloch wore a neon orange long sleeve for this day. “It was fun because I don’t usually wear neon to school so it was cool to be able to mix it up,” said Staloch. The neon carried over to the basketball game and the dance as well. “We threw out glow sticks to the fans when we ran out for the varsity game and people were able to wear these to the dance, which looked really cool,” said Staloch. Students clothing and apparel really lit up the game and the dance, and capped the week off well.


All around Maple Lake students were looking sharp this week. We hope they hit the books as well as they raid the closet and their future is as bright as their outfits were.