Movin and groovin

Brooklyn Ernhart

Friday night fun at the dance with friends 

People danced the night away to the best throwbacks, newest pop songs, and the latest Tik Toks. While everyone enjoyed the dance, the best part for students was dancing with their friends.

All 7-12 graders were welcomed to attend the dance and bring a date. Some brought people from other schools, asked someone formally if they would like to go with them or others  went with some friends. Sophomore Ella Kiebel’s two friends from other schools came to support her basketball game and came to the dance after. “My favorite part about school dances is that you get to be crazy with all your friends,” said Kiebel. She got the opportunity to introduce her friends and all had a good time together. 

Good music made the dance fun. Some like pop and others like country, so the DJ kept  a good variety to make sure everyone had a good time. Sophomore Christopher Klatt’s favorite song is, “Old Town Road by lil Nas X’, my favorite move to do with this song is the woah because I can do it any moment,” said Klatt. The woah is a dance move from Tik Tok that lots of  kids are doing these days. 

Dancing the night away, Freshman Gwen Geyen had a fun variety of music to dance to. “I like all music and I had a fun time dancing to it with my friends.” The students danced until 11:30 and wrapped up the Snocoming activities for Snocoming 2020.

After the pepfest activities, basketball home game and the dance, students had a fun night and one to remember.